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What are Zip Codes? (Understanding Zip Codes)

Understanding Zip Codes


What are Zip Codes? (Understanding Zip Codes)


  • What are Zip Codes?

Zip codes are important codes that help the Postal Service deliver mail more efficiently. They are used to identify different locations on a map. Small towns usually have one zip code for the whole town, while larger cities have multiple zip codes. It's important to use the correct zip code when mailing something, as using the wrong one can cause delays in delivery.

  • What do ZIP stand for?

ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. Each area has a base zip code of five numbers, with an additional four numbers that can be added to the end. However, it's usually fine to just use the first five digits. Many people don't even know what their additional four digits are!

  • How to Find Zip Codes

You can find zip codes in your state by checking the front of your phone book. They should be listed for all the towns in your state. You can also look them up online by entering the address into a search engine. Using the correct zip code is important, as it can help ensure your mail arrives on time.

  • Calculating Shipping Costs

For many packages, the zip codes of the sender and recipient are used to calculate the cost of shipping. You can easily find out how much it will cost to ship something by entering the zip codes and shipping method into a computer. Sometimes, paying a little extra for faster shipping can be worth it!

  • Importance of Accurate Zip Codes

Using accurate zip codes is crucial for the sorting process. Most mail is sorted electronically based on zip codes. If a zip code is incorrect or missing, the mail has to be sorted manually by a human, which can cause delays in delivery. So always double-check your zip codes before sending out mail!

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